Keep tabs on your processor at all times


  • Allows you to isolate CPU usage of certain programs


  • Doesn't work with all processors
  • Can be hard to understand what it's monitoring

Not bad

If you need to keep an eye on the usage of your CPU then PerfMonitor allows you to see what's happening at all times.

PerfMonitor is basically a processor performance monitoring tool which allows you to track the frequency of up to four processes. It can be used to identify performance bottlenecks or to monitor a program that may be hogging your CPU.

There are no fancy touches to this app and it could do with a few more tips as to what the various parameters are. It displays in graphical format - a bit like a graphic equalizer - the activity of your CPU at any one time.

PerfMonitor is a great tool for system administrators or those that need to get to the bottom of a CPU hogging issue.




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